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Tarek Baig

Production Assistant & Researcher

Tarek is a fresh filmmaker with prior experience in screenwriting, research, and directory work. His film journey began with his first screenplay, The Melting Pot (2020), a historical drama focusing on Ellis Island immigration and New York City tenement housing in the early 20th century. Just one year later, he wrote a coming-of-age screenplay, A Day in the Life (2021), which focused on his experiences as the only Middle Eastern high school hockey player in St. Louis. A Day in the Life won a research grant from his university, Saint Louis University (SLU), to finance larger scenes that he directed himself with brand new student-actors.

Tarek’s literature analysis paper, Civilizing the Colonized, received a SLU Spaulding Literary Essay Award. Furthermore, an American history paper, Social Mobilization: An Analysis of Military Propaganda in Film, won an Honorable Mention for the SLU Tuck Louie Prize for Best Undergraduate Essay on American Culture.

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