Motion Picture Wars

Captivating coverage of the tumultuous early years of the moving picture industry.

New York Comet Theater 1920

Fortunes Won and Fortunes Lost

The motion picture industry was born through decades of commercial warfare that raged across the turn of the twentieth century. Inventors, tycoons, and entrepreneurs fought for dominance and survival in backrooms and courtrooms, workshops and studios, headlines and ticket lines. The Motion Picture Wars weaves together the struggles and triumphs of the pioneers who battled to build a revolutionary new industry. It tells of fortunes made and fortunes lost, vicious legal fights, fame, and humiliation.

Through expert interviews and archives, this epic series unfolds the news press of the day and a treasure trove of found footage. It brings to life the insurgents who fought the artistic and cultural elites as they invented a new platform that delighted the masses. It provides captivating coverage of the tumultuous early years of the moving picture industry, brought to life through the colorful stories of its founders.

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