Creativity or chaos?

Artist of the AI Revolution

Creativity or chaos?

Few technologies have had the potential to impact virtually every aspect of society like Artificial Intelligence. Every day, new applications are introduced, each with the power to reshape the industry or market for which they were created. And while the seeds of AI were planted almost four decades ago, it’s the recent explosion of consumer applications – and the controversy surrounding the technology as a whole – that has made it seem like an overnight occurrence.

One area that stands to feel the dramatic effects of AI more than any other is creativity: writing, art, film, music, even architecture and comedy. And while it has opened a portal to a new era of creative expression, it all comes at a price – personal, professional, and ethical.

AI Decoded: Creativity or Chaos? will examine the power that AI technology – particularly Generative AI – has wielded in transforming how we use our creativity, as well as the way we perceive it in others. Through interviews with the companies building the platforms and tools, demonstrations by the innovators using them, and commentary from legal, cultural, and technology experts, AI-fueled creative expression will be fully on display for the audience to judge.

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