Larry Kornfeld

Larry Kornfeld

Music Composer & Producer

Larry Kornfeld knew at a very early age that music would be his life. Every aspect of music was fascinating to him – vinyl records, the gear used to play the records, the recording process, and of course, the music itself. Lessons on the bass guitar led to more serious study on the upright bass.

As a 16 year old high school student, Larry was hired to play upright bass for an album project arranged by his orchestra director. Stepping into a recording studio was a life-changing event. Upon hearing that first playback, he was convinced that being a session bassist was to be his future, and earned a performance degree in Studio Music and Jazz from the legendary University of Miami school of music.

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After college, Larry went to Los Angeles to establish himself as a session bassist. He quickly discovered that diversification was essential to get the bills paid and, as it turned out, essential to becoming the wide-ranging expert he is today. Through contacts, he quickly became a recording engineer, studio maintenance tech, producer, arranger, and audio consultant.

As music-making technology advanced into the personal computer era, Larry knew that his skills needed to grow. A whole new area of study – the IT world – became his focus. Having returned to St. Louis, he spent 16 years in corporate IT.

In recent years, Larry and his wife Theresa (an actress and writer) worked together to score several short films. They have also composed original songs for live stage shows.

Larry’s passion for all aspects of music – listening, performing, recording, and creating – led by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, with perhaps a bit of musical talent thrown in, and the experience of thousands of live performances and recording sessions, make him an in-demand fixture of the vibrant St. Louis music scene, whether for his skills on the bass, mastery of recording studio infrastructure, or as a composer / arranger / producer / engineer.

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